16 Jun

Message from Joe Algrant, US Principal

Dear Families,

Congratulations on reaching the end of the school year. I hope that it has ended successfully and that your child feels accomplished. As I’ve said before, the year does not wind down, it ends at a pretty quick pace, so there may be a bit of fatigue after we get to the finish line. The first few days after school can bring an interesting mix of emotion: the relief of summer break, the excitement of a change of pace, the anticipation of an upcoming trip or other summer program, perhaps a sadness to leave school friends and routine. It’s all healthy, and important to help them with the transition if needed. In fact, even if all seems right, it can be valuable to just be checking in as they change over into a different, summer mode.

Included in this newsletter is important information for all families with children who are entering the Upper School (Grades 9-12) in the fall. Please be aware and prepared for what will be coming up in August and early September. I know it seems far away but we all know what can happen over the summer, and without being prepared – as in having summer reading completed, and all new 2017-2018 medical forms returned (please see the message from Sara Schulman, our MS/US Nurse) — one can run into problems at the start of the year.

The deans and college counselors will be on campus until Wednesday, June 21, after which it will become more difficult to get hold of them. But Ms. Hazarian and I will be around if you need anything over the summer. You may not get an immediate response, but we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

I do wish you all a terrific time of relaxation, excitement, fulfillment, and fun, whatever you do and wherever the next months take you.


Joe Algrant, US Algrant