Back to School Night 2023

Back-to-School Night is back and in-person, Thursday September 29, 6:30 PM.
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From Kim Lalli, Interim US PrincipalDeans Corner

Arriving/Departing Campus

If you’ve dropped your Upper School student off in the past week, you’ve likely spotted me at the North Woodland gate. I didn’t think I would ever have an opinion about traffic but I have to say that I’ve been so impressed, and heartened, by folks generosity and patience during drop off. So, thank you! That said, please note: 
  •  Grade 9 and Grade 10 students must be on campus by the start of school at 8:10 AM regardless of when their classes begin. They must remain on campus until 3:25 PM regardless of when their classes end. 
  • Grade 11 students are permitted to arrive before their first obligation but must be on campus in time for Community Meetings and Advisory. They must remain on campus until 3:25 PM regardless of when their classes end. 
  • Grade 12 students are permitted to arrive before their first obligation but must be on campus in time for Community Meetings and Advisory. They are also permitted to leave after their final obligation but may not leave before 1:30 PM. Also, Grade 12 students are not permitted to leave for lunch or leave and return before after-school activities. 

School Store/Coop

You’ll be hearing from Joan Millien, School Store Manager, very soon about how to set up a student fund for use at the Coop. Students must have a “funded” account in order to purchase snacks from the Coop so please be on the lookout for that communication. We also know that many students are still waiting for books due to backorders. Teachers are aware of this issue and are working with students to make sure they have the materials they need until their books arrive. 

Food Deliveries

Students are not permitted to have food delivered to campus during the school day. This applies to both food delivered by a service and food delivered by a parent or guardian. We have a wonderful dining hall, full of delicious and varied food options in addition to a Coop that provides snacks and drinks throughout the day. Having food delivered to campus – again, by either a service or a parent/guardian – presents a safety issue and is corrosive to our sense of community. We have been clear with the students about this and informed them that any deliveries will be received by our Security team who will then inform the Dean. 

Academics & Attendance

With the Grade 11’s back from their trip and the moratorium on homework for Grade 9’s lifted, it’s starting to feel like school again. With that in mind, please note:
  • The “Drop/Add Period” will end on Friday, September 23. All class changes must be made, or initiated, by this date so that students and teachers can truly get to work without having to work around changes or catch up on missed work.
  • If students need to stay home because they’ve tested positive for Covid, when they are well enough they should reach out to their teachers to begin a conversation about staying connected while they are off campus. Teachers may offer to Zoom with students directly, as a means of staying connected, but they will not be Zooming students directly into classes.
  • If your student knows in advance about an absence, they are required to complete a “Planned Absence Form” and submit it to their grade level Dean one week prior to the first day of their absence. This is an essential tool in ensuring that students aren’t behind when they return to school after an absence. Your cooperation and collaboration in this effort is key so please check in with your student about their progress when you know a missed day or days is coming up.
  • We have added “Mental Health Needs” to the list of reasons why a student may miss a day of school. You can find a full explanation of our attendance polices in the US Handbook (click here to view). As is the case with all unplanned absences, Deans will keep an eye out for patterns and be in touch with families if concerns arise.

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