02 Nov

Robotics News

On Sunday, our robotics club, Critical Mass, along with their bot 0207, hosted 12 schools in a meet in the Hajjar STEM Center. As you can see from these photos (click here to view), the building was awash in materials as the teams worked and re-worked their robots to meet the challenges of the “pit,” which included launching a whiffle ball into a crown, lifting a beach ball, and changing the colors on a flashing light along the side of the pit. Points are awarded for each challenge, and the teams compete first as individuals in one-on-one matches and then with inter-school alliances that they make based on points scored in the first rounds. So it’s exciting and competitive, but with great positive and collaborative spirit. Our team did happen to win the day, finishing undefeated, but the most fun for them was seeing whether their robot would do what they had programmed it to do, a combination of coders, designers, builders, and troubleshooters. Humble in victory, the team ended the day feeling very good about their work, as well they should.