03 Feb

Principal’s Update

Dear Parents,

Well the snow from winter storm Jonas has about melted and it’s back to being 50 degrees, so while you might feel like it’s April, it’s really only February. It was no surprise that punxsutawney phil and all the other groundhogs in America did not see their shadows; our somewhat unusual weather pattern is confusing to all living things, not just humans, and for those who are studying these patterns it’s pretty concerning in the long run.

I am not writing about climate change, however, but to alert you that we have now changed semesters and in the middle of the add/drop period for the spring term. Students have until the tenth of February to move courses around and settle in their preferred spots.

You child’s final semester grades are now available through the D-E website (see right for instructions on how to access). We will be taking time in advisory this week to go over grades with students, and I hope that you will do the same. Being able to reflect upon and review these grades with others can help students make changes that improve habits and skills. In fact, it may well be that these conversations are more likely to make a difference than the grades themselves. We should all be working to help your child understand his or her own behaviors and how they connect to achievement.

As always, while we want to keep your child in the center of this process, please contact your child’s advisor or dean directly if you have questions or concerns. You should also contact any classroom teacher if you have particular aspects that you would like to discuss.

Lastly scroll down to see a video and a photo from the NLI signing ceremony earlier today for Taylor Krakower ’16. Congratulations to Taylor and her family on this accomplishment.


Joseph W. Algrant
Upper School Principal