21 Sep

Deans’ Updates


From Mr. Jeremy Meserole, Dean, Class of 2024

It was great seeing the 9th graders online last week after our first week together in person.  Students attended class, advisory, and a class meeting all virtually, acclimating, adjusting and getting to know each other and their teachers in this online setting.  Next week the 9th graders return to campus on Tuesday (Cohort A) and Wednesday (Cohort B) – we look forward to seeing them again as we continue to practice and adjust to on campus routines and habits designed to keep the entire community safe, as well as provide opportunities for students to form relationships with each other and their teachers.  Please continue to reach out to me with any questions or concerns as we all work together to make this start of the school year a successful one.   


From Mr. Shai Zacarev, Dean, Class of 2023

Last week was the first opportunity for 10th graders to return to campus and what an exciting time it was. We started the day together in the big tent and then everyone went off to their first class on campus in almost six months. During one of our breaks this morning we also once again gathered in the big tent to have some mid-morning snacks and then went right back to their lessons. The air was filled with positivity, a lot of enthusiasm, and helped build comradery in the grade. As we go into this holiday weekend I hope everyone is able to get some rest and that 10th-grade cohort B is getting hyped to get their turn to be on campus on Monday.


From Ms. Kim Lalli, Dean, Class of 2022

It was so wonderful to welcome (most) of the Class of 2022 back to campus this week. Even with masks on, I could tell that they were smiling when they got to campus and I certainly shared that sentiment. It has been more than 6 months since we have seen one another in person! My sense is that though campus feels and looks different in a lot of ways, the juniors were simply happy to be back in the classroom with their peers and teachers. I was so impressed with their general good cheer, positive attitude, and graciousness. They were happy to walk the long way to go through the appropriate door and were unphased by the temperature checks and frequent sanitizing. Though many struggled to maintain distance – something we all contend with, especially when spending time with our nearest and dearest – they were understanding and quick to correct the oversight when asked to give each other more room. They have all really grown, as individuals and as a Class  and I couldn’t be prouder. I also met this morning with the small cohort of students who have opted to remain virtual this month and though we remain on either side of a computer screen, it was still nice to gather with those folks and hear how they are faring. We began the year by talking about the importance of both individual and collective responsibility – to our local and global communities – and I am optimistic that this group is embracing that challenge wholeheartedly. I wish them all a productive few weeks and am already eager to see them again at the end of the month.


From Dr. Brendan McGrail, Dean, Class of 2021

The Seniors are off and running as they skillfully balance our new health and safety protocols with the time-honored traditions associated with being the new student leaders of the school. During our opening week orientation program, we talked about the challenge of “How to Lead in our Current Environment.” A handful of Senior student government reps also came to school to prepare the Senior Rock. While many things are different at school this year, the Senior leaders together with Director of Student Activities Debbie Murphy were determined to keep this important school tradition alive. The Senior leaders decided to put their own spin on this cherished tradition by writing their graduation year (2021) in large white/gold letters down the rock vertically instead of horizontally across the rock. Mr. Algrant also shared a story about the legend of the Senior rock, via video, to help the Seniors get excited for their first days on campus. When they arrived on campus for classes, the Seniors added their names in white/gold paint to the rock (see pictures above and below). It was great to see the energy and excitement as these students came to campus for the first time since last spring (March 12, 2020) when COVID-19 quarantining began. We are looking forward to great things to come with these Seniors leading the charge!