10 May

Hajjar STEM Center Happenings


RUBE GOLDBERG in the Engineering Class

The engineering class unveiled their annual Rube Goldberg machine last week, a true group effort that attempted to create a contraption that began it’s route in one corner of the classroom and ended at the far corner. Along the way were remote controlled race cars, strings being burned by candles, roller coasters, weights, all ending with a pencil that slipped neatly into a pencil sharpener. As you can see from these photos, it was a creative endeavor as well as a mechanical one. Their first attempt almost succeeded, and as I understand it they made it work on the second or third. The first try may indeed be labeled as failure, but watching the students analyze their errors and re-calculate for their next try, it was a failure destined to lead to success.

BLOOD SPATTER in the Forensics Class

Meanwhile, on the walls around the Hajjar STEM Center, other students were seen deep in their analysis of blood spatter, used as evidence in police investigations. The formation of the pattern and shape of the droplets can provide the path and angle of origin. This exercise is leading to the final project of the course, where students will be brought to a crime scene with a dead body and be asked to answer the question of how the death occurred. While not as glamorous perhaps as on television, the class will have done complex STEM work to solve the case.