10 May

Advanced Placement Studio Art

Yes, there is an AP course in Studio Art. The “exam” in this course is comprised of a portfolio of over 20 pieces of work created during the past year that represent, in the words of Marisol Diaz, the teacher: “a sophisticated collection that includes both the breadth of each student’s work and also a cohesive series focused within one area. Altogether their work ranged from original wheel-thrown pottery, hand-built ceramics, and sculptural lamps, to digital paintings, charcoal drawings, and even digital portraits embellished with pixelated, stippled chewing gum!”

On the way to this penultimate AP, these students have honed specific skills within the coursework of all the teachers within the department: photography with Mr. McCabe, painting, illustrating & mixed media with Ms.Diaz and ceramics with Ms.Young.

On the final exam day, students upload very specifically produced digital images of their work, send some original pieces by mail, and also submit a written statement. As they sealed the final envelope, we took this photograph of the group, exhausted but elated at their accomplishments of many years of hard work.